Ash & Anchor is home to handcrafted, bold patterned textiles and accessories for the bohemian at heart.
All of our unique and original designs are created in our New York studio--where we handcraft our textiles in small batches so we can focus on making every single one beautiful. 


Our History:

The glimmering idea of Ash & Anchor began when designer Nina Pace was in grad school (she was Nina Glaser back then!) creating portrait and still life paintings with highly detailed patterned backgrounds. When a visiting artist noted that Nina was clearly most interested in the backgrounds of her paintings-- the proverbial light bulb moment occurred. Shortly after graduating, Nina formed Ash & Anchor-- originally as an all encompassing creative studio. She began freelancing under the moniker, and selling cards and prints adorned with her patterns.

It wasn't until the end of 2011 though, almost 2 years later, that the second "aha" moment arrived. So much of her freelance work involved textile design for other companies-- and she was falling in love with it. Nina wanted a way to keep focussing on her nature-rich patterns, but turn them into accessible, functional art. In 2012, Ash & Anchor found it's true calling-- home to bold patterned textiles and accessories that celebrate the bohemian spirit.